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Always in vogue: Live-Talks


Whether on television, social networks or websites, live talks are a format that can be found everywhere and are more popular than ever. 

Virtual live talks have now become a trend because they offer a number of advantages: they are location-independent and more interactive than the familiar television formats. What's more, anyone with an internet connection and a smartphone or computer can host or watch a live talk online. 

In contrast to recorded discussions or talk shows, viewers can ask questions, make comments and, if the format allows, actively participate in the discussion during virtual live talks in real time. This creates a sense of community and participation. However, some live talk formats do not allow the audience to interact for the entire duration. In this case, the real-time interaction relates to the panellists themselves. This also has a special character, as the guests and speakers have to respond and act in real time. The possibilities for participation are vast, and interactive voting is also an option.

There are no limits to the choice of topics. Politics, science, research, entertainment, lifestyle and much more - a live talk can be organised on any topic. The aim is always to make the conversation or discussion as entertaining, exciting and/or informative as possible. A live talk can also react to current events and address them. This makes live talks a valuable source of information.

People who are in the public eye often use live talks to make personal contact with their fan base and audience - even if in virtual form. This gives the audience an insight into the lives of experts, celebrities, stars or other public figures. 

But companies also use virtual live talks to showcase their expertise on certain topics and build trust. This is why online live talks are becoming increasingly interesting for companies, as the possible applications are diverse and the subsequent distribution of the recording of live talks offers enormous potential for corporate communication. 

When broadcasting live talks, companies in particular should ensure that they use a secure and reliable streaming platform in addition to a professional setup. This will protect their content from unauthorised access and the live streams will be transmitted free of interference and advertising.


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Post by Sandra
November 17, 2023