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Innovative Corporate Communication in the digital age


In today's digital era, companies have numerous opportunities to improve their internal and external communication. One solution that has proven to be both highly effective and cost-efficient is webcasts.

A webcast offers the ideal way to effortlessly stream your internal and external events to customers and employees and offer informative online presentations or training, live, without logistical challenges.

But what exactly is a webcast? Why do companies use webcasting? And how can you too use webcasts for your corporate communication with guaranteed success?

There are numerous convincing reasons why webcasts are a proven and reliable tool for your internal and external corporate communication. By using a webcast, you can significantly extend the reach of your events without the worry of logistics. This means you can hold the same event at the same location, but with an unlimited number of participants.

Your virtual event can also be easily accessed live on various devices such as smartphones, tablets or PCs, and by recording your webcast you can also ensure that your content can be accessed on-demand or reused on other platforms after the original broadcast.

With 3Q WEBCAST, you can plan, configure and broadcast your corporate events and provide a smooth streaming experience for your audience.

In this blog post, we take a look at some of the possible applications of webcasts in companies.


Company wide announcements and updates

A webcast is a great way to communicate company-wide announcements or updates. Instead of relying on lengthy newsletters or meetings, managers and directors can broadcast important information directly to the entire workforce via webcast. This saves time, costs and ensures that all employees receive the same information at the same time.

Example: A company introduces a new corporate strategy and wants to ensure that all employees are informed about it. Instead of holding separate meetings in each location, a webcast is used to explain the strategy precisely and answer employees' questions live.


Training courses and further education

Webcasts are a great way to deliver training and development efficiently and cost-effectively. Companies can create training content and distribute it to employees via a webcast, regardless of their location. This allows companies to deliver training in real time or provide recorded webcasts that employees can access at a time that suits them.

Example: A company wants to train its employees on how to use a new software. Instead of gathering all employees in one place or conducting separate training sessions in different locations, an interactive webcast is created that allows employees to access the training content online and ask questions directly to the trainer.


Product presentations

With webcasts, you can present your product launches to an unlimited audience - regardless of location - and immediately address specifications live and answer your audience's questions. Your marketing and sales team can make product presentations more effective and increase their reach at the same time without much effort.

Example: Your sales team wants to introduce a new product or solution to a large network of customers. With a webcast, your sales team can - without having to arrange various individual appointments - present the innovations, answer questions directly and receive initial feedback. This saves time and costs.


Investor Relations and virtual conferences

Webcasts are also a valuable tool for investor relations and virtual conferences. Companies can reach investors, analysts or journalists around the world by webcasting their quarterly reports, business presentations or product announcements. This enables effective communication with stakeholders and saves travel costs for physical conferences.

Example: A listed company wants to share its quarterly figures with investors. Instead of organising a physical event, a webcast is created where management presents the results and answers investors' questions in real time.



Webcasts offer companies numerous opportunities to make their communications more effective and increase their reach. From company wide announcements and training to investor relations and virtual conferences, webcasts can increase efficiency, reduce costs and ensure that all relevant information is delivered to the right people in a timely and targeted manner, regardless of location.

Post by Sandra
October 17, 2023