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Our eCDN-Parner



Kollective is the leading independent provider of enterprise content delivery networking (ECDN) infrastructure. Kollective offers a cloud-based, software-only platform that uses existing network infrastructure to deliver live and on-demand video content more quickly, reliably, and efficiently, with less bandwidth. 

The modern workplace requires always-on video communication and Kollective has emerged as the trusted solution for CIOs requiring enterprise-grade, cloud-based video delivery. Kollective supports the new hybrid work reality to drive productivity and organizational alignment while enabling consistent and frictionless video engagement. 

Kollective also offers full “last mile” telemetry and visibility via an AI-driven analytics platform providing deep insights into network performance and management.

Watch the video interview with Sascha Walther, Regional Sales Director to find out what Kollective has to offer and the benefits of our partnership with Kollective.



Would you like to find out more about how you can integrate Kollective eCDN into your company network?


Post by Sandra
November 8, 2023